OpenCore is a newly founded IT solution company with a vision of providing the Filipinos a streamlined and easy to access IT products and services such as web development, network and data center infrastructure, software programming, computer sales and surveillance system.

With the company’s goal of making things easier for our clients to access information and data, we are committed to the challenge of producing a quick turnaround accompanied with a solid customer care and technical support and being your trustworthy partner.

OpenCore started with a passion to commit and serve people by our extensive experiences. We invest in new and emerging technologies, certifications and trainings to be able to provide our valued clientele with the sufficient tools in their business fields. We are pledge to provide value-added services as we we look further to expand globally in the coming years.

At OpenCore, we guarantee to bring the best and dependable solutions that can beat the toughest challenges facing by businesses in modernizing their operation, and to satisfy and serve our clients better.